For the Opening of their 2nd store HARVEST, ( multibrand menswear store ) on the 17th of march 2017 we joined up with THONET, an iconic brand when it comes to furniture and interiour Design since the beginning of the 19th century. We are honoured to create a variation of the classic Marcel Breuer S 32V ( 1929 / 30 ). The colors used, mainly white, navy blue and the classic, thonet light brown of their "wicker work“ combines the CI colors of Harvest, and let the chair stand out more as an „object“ rather than a furniture. 

The interesting part of that cooperation, is the mix of the most iconic look of the chair, everybody knows from childhood, the dentist waiting room, gallerys etc. and the chair as an object. Its been around since such a long time everybody, with an interest in design, got used to that elegant tubular steel, bent wood and wicker work. So the challenge was to create something „new“ to it - without loosing the classic, iconic look and still keep it fresh and new in the Harvest context.